Improved Estimation Algorithms for Water Purification and Desalination Systems

Project overview

Within the framework of the PURE-WATER project, many different aspects and components of a water purification facility have to be considered and thus, a high degree of interdisciplinary work is performed. The following graph illustrates the range of scientific fields from computer science, over process engineering to automation and sensor technology.


(i) Complex hydrodynamical and biochemical processes

(ii) Advanced robust estimation algorithms

(iii) Integrated and distributed sensor networks


Research objectives
  • Advanced parameter and state estimation techniques for hydrodynamic systems utilizing modulating function approaches;

  • Accurate modelling and simulation of diffusion processes for water purification;

  • Real-time capable observer design for distributed membrane systems.

Innovation and technological objectives
  • Hardware implementation of modulation based estimation algorithms for water applications;

  • Smart sensor development for integrated information processing in context of water purification;

  • Software and test bench validation platform of water filtration processes in an experimental environment.

» News.

February 6, 2019
The kick-off meeting of the project takes place at TU Ilmenau, Germany, where all European partners will be present. Our collegues from overseas are connected via videoconference. Together we will discuss our plan of secondments, the administration and management structure as well as important aspects of dissemmination.  more

January 1, 2019
Official start of the PURE-WATER project. The consortium looks forward to exciting research and exchange experiences.  more


Funding: H2020-MSCA-RISE programme