Improved Estimation Algorithms for Water Purification and Desalination Systems


to improve water desalination plants and waste water treatment facilities by applying advanced estimation techniques and systems engineering concepts.

« We want take part in solving one of humanity's major challenges in the 21st century and enable easier access to potable drinking water by making processes for clean water more intelligent. »

(PURE-WATER Consortium)


This implies to face technical challenges such as integrated and smart sensor systems, fulfilling high safety and reliability requirements, developing a diagnosis system for fault detection as well as to improve the overall efficiency of water purification plants.


via collaborative research and training between universities and small companies from Germany, Denmark, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Peru and Cuba. Young and expereinced researchers are enabled to realize their investigations at partner labs where they work together with and learn from reknown experts on their respective field as well as committing experimental studies at uniquely available facilities.


The following fields of research are involved:

The project relies on a highly interdisciplinary approach combining knowledge from the fields of control theory, process engineering and water management. This results in a broad training of staff members extending their skills and giving them a wider prespectives, even towards societal implications of their work and commitment.

» News.

February 6, 2019
The kick-off meeting of the project takes place at TU Ilmenau, Germany, where all European partners will be present. Our collegues from overseas are connected via videoconference. Together we will discuss our plan of secondments, the administration and management structure as well as important aspects of dissemmination.  more

January 1, 2019
Official start of the PURE-WATER project. The consortium looks forward to exciting research and exchange experiences.  more


Funding: H2020-MSCA-RISE programme